The East Neuk of Fife

What to do in Anstruther and the East Neuk of Fife villages

Anstruther is the most important of a few settlements forming the East Neuk of Fife villages, the East Corner in Old Scots. The East Neuk has a rich history along with Scotland and the Kingdom of Fife, one of the seven original Pictish kingdoms of Caledonia.

During the 19th century, the East Neuk and most particularly the town of Anstruther have become an important trading centre for fishing and the North Sea herring industry.

Anstruther has become a superb town offering its charm and heritage to walkers and hikers taking on the Fife Coastal Path as well as families looking for a peaceful weekend. The nature lovers wishing to discover the Isle of May with the UK’s biggest Puffin colonies won’t be disappointed, nor will the seekers of east coast fishing culture.

There is much more for the History fans: a secret bunker, plenty of castles and abbeys, the fisheries museums… Gourmets are welcome to enjoy fine restaurants and distilleries in Anstruther, and even the “fish and chips” will have the experts debating. If you prefer a rest and a dream, you could join the poets and lovers for a moment, waiting for the sunrise at Fife Ness.

For those wondering, we are a ten minutes car ride from St Andrews, home of the first ever golf course, the world famous University and of course what is left of the grand Cathedral.

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